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This is your defining moment.
This is your defining moment.
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The decision is now.



Hallelujah, Hey There Delilah, Free Fallin', Despacito, Shape Of You,




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Ditch the pick and explore a whole different world of acoustic guitar. This course was created to give you the tools to play your favourite songs through the techniques of fingerstyle. Here at 5 Minute Guitar, we emphasize on the idea of playing the things YOU enjoy - because nothing is worse than trying to learn a new skill through things that do not interest you.

Our goal is to get you playing the fun stuff as soon as possible while avoiding the long music books and years of in person lessons, and that's why we are here....

Your Instructor

Kurt Berg
Kurt Berg

For some reason, by the time I was 5, I already knew I wanted to rock.

So I took lessons for 8 years, and then started teaching to share the incredible joy of guitar. After pausing to get a mechanical engineering degree, I realized that music was my true calling, and I could apply the methodical engineering mindset to teaching guitar.

My goal is to get you to love the guitar, and come out confident and ready to play what you love – without spending ages on boring scales, songs, and useless information.

Because chances are, you didn’t get that guitar so you could play boring exercises and music you don’t even know, right?


Here's what our students say about our courses:

"Well taught course, at first I thought this is too easy, but as the course ramps up, it adds complexity and difficulty in a nicely ramping approach. Great Course for any one to start out finger picking, or people with some experience to ensure their foundation is secure and build on that"

- Sean L.

"Teacher is very skilled and lessons are at a good speed level for beginners and are easy to understand and follow. A very good course for beginners with "clean" good lessons. I would definitely recommend this course to other guitarists willing to learn"

- Allan S.

"First of all, the video of the course is outstanding, the picture is very clear and the voice of the instructor as he explains the subject matter is easily understandable. The course is well designed for beginners and it will engaged you easily of what you need to learn and achieve. There are so much to learn still and I am hooked to pursue this course further and I will update my review as I learned more. Further, this course is fun and that in itself makes you want to continue. Cheers"

- Rolando M.

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