Fingerpicking For Complete Beginners

Learn guitar chords, fingerpicking patterns, and more!

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This Course Includes

  • 2 hours of on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Free priority support
  • Step-by-step breakdowns of all techniques
  • Videos for every exercise

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Learn fingerpicking patterns!

A proven method you can use to learn any song and technique you choose. You'll learn the process you need to be able to learn any fingerpicking song or technique you want once you're done.

What Will I Learn?

  • Play their favorite fingerstyle songs
  • Perform for friends and family, on stage, or anywhere else
  • Fingerpick comfortably and smoothly using proper techniques
  • The basics of strumming and upstrumming
  • Common finger positioning for fingerstyle guitar
  • PIMA Notation
  • Various fingerpicking patterns
  • Alternating bass notes
  • Walking Bass
  • Pinching
  • Travis Picking

Join over 200,000 guitarists who choose to learn guitar with my lessons

This course includes everything you need to learn fingerstyle guitar in an easy, guided method. You'll get access to:

  • 70+ detailed video lessons that will guide you every step of the way so there's no guessing involved. Just direct, simple lessons.
  • Demonstration videos of EVERY exercise so you can test your skills by playing along with me
  • Step-by-step breakdowns of riffs from popular songs. We'll start with simplified versions to start quickly, and gradually build on them until you can play the full riff
  • Free priority support. If you have a question or are struggling at any point in the course, you can email me directly and I'll help you get on track

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"Well taught course, at first I thought this is too easy, but as the course ramps up, it adds complexity and difficulty in a nicely ramping approach. Great Course for any one to start out finger picking, or people with some experience to ensure their foundation is secure and build on that"

- Sean L.

Course Curriculum

Easy enough to fallow.

Katherine Rodgers

Teacher is skilled and lessons at a good speed and level for beginners and easy to understand and follow. A very good course for beginners with "clean" good lessons. I would definately recommend an intermediate course with a lot more songs and examples with combined fingerpicking/strumming, also full solo songs. The teacher is obviously good enough to make a course like that.

Allan Schrattenholz

It’s a little slow for me but would probably be right for a total beginner.

George Lohse

Good easy going approach.. Could slow down and concentrate a bit more on the right hand fingerstyle techniques.. Instructor tends to mainly concentrate the video of the left hand. Fingerstyle/fingerpicking should be the emphsis, not so much chord position (though still important).

Colin Cox

I've played before, so its a little basic to start, but that's cool. It will push me at some point :)

David Loomis

It is too easy for me until now. I am slightly more advanced player. My sound is coming out frequently out. How can I correct it?

Igor Krizan

would like the guitar tab to print for the song b/c i like to read music as I’m learning and repeating.

Robert Gosselin

Nice pace, explanations and approach.

William Freire de Souza e Silva

First of all, the video of the course is outstanding, the picture is very clear and the voice of the instructor as he explains the subject matter is easily understandable. The course is well designed for beginners and it will engaged you easily of what you need to learn and achieve. There are so much to learn still and I am hooked to pursue this course further and I will update my review as I learned more. Further, this course is fun and that in itself makes you want to continue. Cheers

Rolando Marucut

Too basic

Il-Hyung Cho

Perfect match, easy and simple to follow

Bianka Doorduin

Wonderful and easy so far

Robert Rich

So far so good

Lee Chuen Fei

Good phase, very clear and good exercises so far.

Omar Hernandez Balbas

Goood so far.

Eric Ford

Well taught course, at first I thought this is too easy, but as the course ramps up, it adds complexity and difficulty in a nicely ramping approach. Great Course for any one to start out finger picking, or people with some experience to ensure their foundation is secure and build on that

Sean Lowther

Very nice. Thank you, Kurt

Gary Edd Fish

good course

W Chan

presented information clearly

Carl Schattke

i learn understant

Chan Vuth

easy to understand

Fadhil Mohamed

Your Instructor

Kurt Berg
Kurt Berg

For some reason, by the time I was 5, I already knew I wanted to rock.

So I took lessons for 8 years, and then started teaching to share the incredible joy of guitar. After pausing to get a mechanical engineering degree, I realized that music was my true calling, and I could apply the methodical engineering mindset to teaching guitar.

My goal is to get you to love the guitar, and come out confident and ready to play what you love – without spending ages on boring scales, songs, and useless information.

Because chances are, you didn’t get that guitar so you could play boring exercises and music you don’t even know, right?

Priority Support At No Extra Charge

If you have any issues at all during the course, I'm always ready and available to answer any questions you have.

I know that people struggle with guitar, and I can help you get through your problems hassle free. I love being able to directly help students, so I'm always happy when my students send me questions!

200% money back guarantee within 90 days.

This method of teaching has worked for hundreds of my students over the years, so I am confident that it will work for you. You can try the course at no risk to you - if something just doesn't work for you, I'll give you DOUBLE your money back, no questions asked!

This course is NOT a magic wand, but it IS a targeted missile

Will this course give you instant guitar god superpowers? Of course not. Like any skill, it takes practice.

But what this course will do for you is set you on the absolute most direct path to being able to play guitar well with as little time and effort as possible. You'll still have to practice, but everything you do practice will be incredibly useful, and get you much farther than you thought you'd be, in much less time.

So give the course a try, and I guarantee you'll be jamming out in no time at all :)

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